Tales from a Wild Branch
Fly Beyond the Shadows

Tales from a Wild Branch

It's Time to Fly

Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark, Full Stature Ministry, SC

     Tales from a Wild Branch is a remarkable work, and we are delighted to know that When it's Time to Fly is only the first tale in the series.  The characters are so real and true it leaves the reader wanting the story to go on and on. The situations in which the characters find themselves are poignant and intriguing, the storyline is compelling, the writing is delightful, and the illustrations are perfection. 

Amy from Tennessee

     The author takes you on a fantasy-like journey where all can relate. Each page gently unfolds in wonderment, transparency, and heartfelt wisdom.  The message of restoration is told in a way that will inspire you to open your heart and reflect on what's true, so that you can leave the sorrow of the past behind.  

Reader from Conway, MA

     Beautifully illustrated, 'When it's Time to Fly' is a wonderful and imaginative coming of age tale filled with unforgettable characters. Seeking answers to questions universal to many young people, Ladia and her quirky friend Yasha, set off to explore beyond the safe boundaries of their home, encountering new friends as well as those who may not have the girls' best interest at heart. The first in a series, you'll be anxiously awaiting the next installment in 2016.


Online Review

    While the audience for When it's Time to Fly may be young teens, the story line reaches out to all ages, and touches on the core values any adventurer or dreamer needs in their life in order to succeed. I liked it very much. 

Online Review

    What a marvelous and imaginative book! The storyline kept me enthralled and the characters are very clever. I was rooting for Ladia all through her adventures and misadventures all the way until the touching and inspiring resolution on the final page. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this book and the other books yet to be published in the rest of the Tales from a Wild Branch series become classics.

Karen - from Florida

Just finished your book. Loved it! Your use of metaphors is genius. The ideas and characters are really unique and fresh. I see it becoming bigger than a book. You should try to get it made into an animated series on PBS or on one of the Christian channels.